Let me set the scene.


You have just got married and are now spending the next hour and a half in the photo reception. As the bridal couple you are going to be in every photo but each of your guests will only be in one or two.

Other than drinking, what have your guests got to keep them occupied while they wait?

At every wedding there are guests who don’t know any other guests and there are also 2 sides of family who are also strangers, who don’t mingle.

 This results in your photo reception having guests waiting around, often with no one to talk to, waiting for the call to dinner and nothing but the bar to keep them entertained.

This is where I come in. Click here for an example



Magic is the perfect entertainment at a wedding as it is accessible to all ages, it is interactive and, most importantly, it is fun.

 As a professional entertainer I make sure that I, not only, entertain the group in front of me, but bring in other guests watching on so that when I leave that crowd, previous strangers are now chatting about the experience they witnessed together.

So, why not make sure that when you are having those all important official photos being taken, that you can relax, take your time and enjoy them, knowing that you have made sure that every guest is being kept entertained and happy. Starting your wedding day off with fun, laughter and world class entertainment means that it sets the tone for the rest of the day.