Weddings are one of the most special occasions in a person’s life. It’s a day that is filled with love, laughter, and joy. And what better way to add some magic to your special day than by hiring a wedding magician? 

 Some people may be deterred from the idea of hiring a wedding magician because they believe it is an expensive luxury. However, wedding magicians are not as expensive as people may think 

Firstly, it is important to understand that wedding magicians do not charge as much as other wedding vendors such as caterers, photographers, and decorators. While these vendors are essential for a wedding, a magician is an optional extra that can add something unique and memorable to your special day.  

Another factor that contributes to the perceived expense of hiring a wedding magician is the misunderstanding that all magicians are the same. While some magicians may charge higher prices, there are many talented magicians who are reasonably priced.  

Wedding magicians often offer a range of packages that can be tailored to suit your budget. They can perform close-up magic during the photo reception, perform a show after dinner, or even offer to be your master of ceremonies for the day too. 

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By selecting a package that fits your budget, you can enjoy the magic of a wedding magician without breaking the bank. 

Finally, it’s important to consider the value that a wedding magician can bring to your special day. A good wedding magician can create a sense of wonder and excitement for your guests and provide entertainment that they will never forget. They can also create a fun and interactive atmosphere that can help to break the ice and get guests talking and mingling. 

It may seem that hiring a wedding magician is an expensive luxury, but it is a unique and affordable way to add some magic to your special day. By considering the value that a wedding magician can bring, and by selecting a package that fits your budget, you can enjoy the magic of a wedding magician without breaking the bank.  

Here are some average costs for wedding suppliers/items from 2022: 

Flowers – £1050 

Wedding Favours – £300 

Candy Cart hire – £200 

Chair Covers – £400 

Ceremony musician – £350 

Wedding Cake – £600 

Photo Booth – £550 

5 – 8 minute firework display – £1000 

At the time of writing my blog my simply magic wedding package costs £695 which covers interactive magic for your guests for your photo reception and your wedding breakfast. This amounts to about 4 – 5 hours of entertainment. 

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There is no suggestion here that you should skip getting flowers or not dressing the room but do leave room in the budget for something to keep your guests entertained. 

Most people won’t remember how nice the cake was, the lovely colour of the chair covers or the wedding favours they left on the table to be cleared away, but they will remember being kept entertained all day by a professional entertainer who performed just for them. 

So why not add some wonder and excitement to your special day by making space in your budget for a wedding magician? It’s guaranteed to be a part of your big day your guests will be raving about for months.