Firstly, if you have no idea what a toastmaster or an emcee is let me quickly explain.

Both roles are essentially a master of ceremonies which means keeping your day on track, making all the important announcements (including the speeches) and sorting any problems if they arise. This leaves the couple free to enjoy their day knowing they have a professional taking care of their plans.

What is the difference?

Toastmasters have been around since the mid 1800’s and were used at official functions to keep them in order by banging a gavel and bellowing for silence.

The tradional dress for a toastmaster originated in the early 20th Century by William Kingsmith who presided over functions at St.James Palace, the house of Commons and even the 1908 olympic games.

The tradional toastmaster outfit

Toastmasters international is a membership organisation you need to be a member of in order to call yourself one. Many wedding toasmasters in the UK tend to be ex-police or ex-service personnel.


A wedding emcee is a far more modern idea. It has taken the practicality of having a master of ceremonies but has done away what many see as out-dated or too formal and replaced them with a more fun, light-hearted approach. No banging of gavels or shouting formalities.

Many wedding emcees have a background of being entertainers first and use their skills to help make the day relaxed and entertaining. Many will add music and humour to the announcements and often will discuss ideas such as the tone of the announcments with the couple creating a bespoke emcee package for them.

Neil is one of the original members of the first professional emcee association in the UK


Why a wedding Emcee might be preferable for your day


  • Unnecessary formalities: Toastmasters are often associated with formal events, and some couples may want a more relaxed and informal atmosphere at their wedding.

A Magic Emcee is exactly the option you need if you want a wedding to run smoothly, with professional announcements but keeping the tone of the wedding in the process.

Fun and surprising announcements


  • Limited personal touch: Toastmasters are usually strangers to the couple, and may not have a personal connection or understanding of the couple’s preferences or style.

Toastmasters often come as part of your venue package. This can often be a mistake as you often don’t meet or talk to them until the big day itself. With a magic emcee not only do you meet them at a wedding fair or other live event, but as part of the planning process they will go through your plan in a pre-wedding meeting to discuss every aspect of your day to make sure it is exactly at the pace and tone you want.



Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to have a toastmaster or wedding emcee at your wedding is a personal one that depends on your individual preferences and circumstances. Some couples may prefer the guidance and structure provided by a toastmaster, while others may choose to forego this tradition in favor of a more relaxed and intimate celebration.

What ever you choose it is preferable to have a professional to make sure your day runs like clockwork and that all the announcements are clear, concise and reflect you.