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Your Wedding day is going to be an magical, amazing whirlwind

You can rest assured that your friends and family will be looked after.

Your wedding day will be one of the most important occasions on your life, with you in huge demand.

While you are enjoying your wedding day your guests are being looked after and having fun with an experienced wedding magician.

You are going to be so busy, from having your photographs taken, cutting your cake, dancing your first dance, that you will only have a few minute's spare to chat with your family and friends.

This is where I come in.

From the moment I arrive at your wedding, I will make sure that everyone is not only entertained but also gets to experience the fun and astonishment that my close-up magic provides. You will hear gasps of disbelief, cheers, shared laughter and applause as my interactive close-up magic creates an electric atmosphere.

Most importantly your guests will feel looked after and will have memories of the impossible they will want to share and thank you for.

I have been offering a satisfaction guarantee for over 10 years "If you are not 100% happy with the entertainment I provide on the day I will not charge you any more than the deposit" I am very happy to say in all that time I have never been taken up on that offer.

Your Wedding is going to be the most magical day for you and your partner. Why not let me add a little extra magic to the day for everyone.

Be sure to check out my wedding magician playlist on my Youtube channel.

I can attend individual sections of the day or you can hire me for the whole event.

If you've never seen a magician at a wedding before and want to know how I will fit into your day, then here is a quick explanation of where most people want close-up magic entertainment.

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Review and Testimonials

"I was a guest at a wedding yesterday where Neil was engaged. Neil moved effortlessly among us, with subtle timing, entertaining and impressing all age groups with his clever and mystifying close-up magic. I should say I've never seen anything like it before; what he does should not be possible! As is often the case at weddings, there were people sitting with others who did not know each other. Neil was often the catalyst that created a bond between us. Now that's an important talent. In summary, I found Neil warm, and charming; at ease with his craft. I consider him an adept in the sphere of magic, and would wholeheartedly recommend him if you are planning an event."