Wedding Entertainment

When planning your wedding one of the aspects you will have at the front of your mind will be “I want the day to be amazing”.

The easiest way to achieve an amazing day not only for you but all your guests is to add activities, surprises and lots of entertainment.

Currently there are many popular options such as:

  • Magicians
  • Singing Waiters
  • Lawn Games
  • Photo Booths
  • Dj or live band

What is hard to find is something that is great fun and something that your guests have not seen at another wedding before.

Photo courtesy of Bill Haddon photography


What is Finish the Lyric

In 2022 I was on holiday on a cruise ship and attended probably the most popular evening activity on the whole cruise. For those who wish to gret involved they can be the stars of the shows and for those a little more reserved they can take part on the sidelines. This results in a room full of laughter, joy and collective singing.

I have since developed the idea so it would work in at a wedding.

Essentially “Finish The Lyric” is part karaoke, part gameshow. I set up my microphone on a stand and play a famous song. If a guest thinks they know the song they must run to the microphone and start singing along, just like in karaoke but without the words on a monitor in front of them.

At some point the music will stop and they must complete the next line correctly. If they do they either win a prize or go through to round 2 where they compete again 5 or 6 other guests (depending on the time allotted).

Below is an example of what happens at a finish the lyric game:


Is this something I should have at my wedding?

When considering “Finish The Lyric” your main question should be whether you have several guests you know would be likely or willing to get involved.

For those who are a bit unsure I often ask the couple to ask bridesmaids, groomsmen etc. ahead of time to get invovled just to be sure. This is rarely (if ever) required.

Have you thought about maybe getting singing waiters? If so, then “Finish The Lyric” is very similar in effect but makes your guests more interactvity and to be the stars of the show.

Even better than that, when you book me for my “full day Emcee” package it is cheaper than booking singing waiters who do a 20 – 40 minute set. And on top of the game you get:

  • A professional magician all day (including an edited go pro body cam video)
  • A Professional Toastmaster/Emcee all day

Plus many other free optional extras.


Make sure that your big day is full of fun and surprises so that you and your guests can look back and reminisce about what a brilliant time you all had.

Finish the lyric would make a fantastic addition to planning a day that will have everyone having a totally fantastic day.


courtesy of Bill Haddon photography