There are so many things to think about when planning a wedding in order to make sure you get that day you have always dreamt of. And also managing to do that, in budget, is a Mission Tom Cruise himself might not be up to.

First you have to find a venue that is the right size, in the right place, looks the part and a price that wouldn’t make Elon Musk’s eyes water.

Then there’s the dress, the bridesmaid’s dresses, what is the colour scheme, what music are we going to play, what will the tables look like….and the cake of course. What about the evening reception? Do we have a band, a dj?

As I said, the list seems endless but with a few months of thought and preparation you can set all this out and you are set for your big day.

However amongst all these decisions there is one crucial element that seems to pass by most of the brides I talk to.

The Bridal Fair Question

As a wedding Emcee and Magician I attend more than my fair share of wedding fairs and I get the pleasure of meeting lots of amazing couples in the planning process and there are always three questions I ask everyone of them:

“When is your wedding day?”

“Which Venue did you go for?”

What entertainment have you got for the day?


It is this final question which will, often, result in a baffled look from the brides.

At the start of this blog post we covered the long list of elements to organise when it comes to any wedding all of these (apart from the dj) have one thing in common.

They are all about the aesthetics of the wedding but add very little to the enjoyment of the day for your guests. How will you guarantee that your guests leaving your wedding at the end of the evening saying “Wow what a fantastic day that was”.

A Long Day

Let us breakdown the average running order of a wedding

2pm Ceremony

2.30pm Photo Reception

4pm Wedding Breakfast

6pm Speeches

8pm Evening Reception


Let’s look at this running order as a guest. When the ceremony ends you have 2 hours where you are stood chatting to other guests, if you know other guests, with nothing much to do other than drink and wait for you to be called up for your turn to have your picture.

You are then called in to the wedding breakfast where it is highly likely that you might be sharing a table with strangers, which is something we rarely do.

After the speeches you then have a room turnaround and a wait of an hour or two before the Dj/ band strikes up and the party begins.

For a guest this means it can be 6 hours of time before any sort of planned entertainment is offered to break up the waiting time and, more importantly, break the ice, get people chatting and create a fun dynamic atmosphere.